Listmill Cloud Features

The Listmill Cloud is designed as an all-inclusive platform that provides customers with everything they need to build and maintain the sites they create.

Software Features

Powerful Search
Listmill Cloud supports full customization of searchable fields, advanced keyword and tag extraction and drill-down search navigation. A custom engineered caching layer allows the engine to handle thousands of simultaneous searches with ease.
Styling & Skins
Customize the look and feel of your site using pre-configured templates. Modify them or make your own using a built in CSS editor.
Customizable Home Page
A variety of widgets are available to customize your homepage. You can upload text and images and control how users navigate your site.
Full Site Text Customization
All site content is localized and completely configurable.
Customizable Fields
Fully configurable fields for describing items in categories. Choose from a multitude of datatypes ranging from text input to pre-populated drop down fields. A fully configurable tagging system allows for nearly infinite item attributes to be created.
Customizable Locations
Locations can be configured on-the-fly and support multiple levels of heirarchy. Default locations are provided for the USA and Canada.
Unlimited Categories
Add as many categories as you desire with support for heirarchical relationships.
Ad Monetization
Running your own ads is as easy as dropping in the ad code.

Platform Features

Listmill Cloud is hosted on Amazon AWS, the leader in hosted infrastructure. Our service includes full backup & DR support, allowing you to focus on your business instead of worrying about downtime.
With Listmill Cloud you do not need to buy and setup servers, install software, or spend countless hours reinventing the wheel. You get to leverage our well-developed software and infrastructure for your business.
The Listmill software is used by one of the web's largest websites, We've engineered our software to handle millions of users and listings without breaking a sweat.
We don't just build the software, we use it. Listmill Cloud is the same software we use to run our own marketplace sites. The Listmill Engine is the result of over 5 years of active software development.
With Listmill Cloud, administration of your sites is a breeze. A fully featured and simple-to-use interface allows you to leverage all the advanced features of the engine quickly and easily, and it looks good too.
On Demand Pricing
Pay for what you use. Small sites can use the Listmill Cloud for the same cost as a hosted webserver. Large sites maximize ROI by incrementally scaling along with the resources they require.